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Perfect 15 Points 1986
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Perfect 11 Points 1989

One of the greatest comic book films of all time(its at least in the top 5). Told through a dark story and complex character development, visionary director Tim Burton excellently tells the story of the caped crusader. The film to me comes off as a character study of a man who is psychologically …

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Beverly Hills Cop
Perfect 1 Points 1984

Beverly Hills Cop is about a Cop who goes to Beverly Hills to capture his friend’s Killer. This is one of Eddie Murphy’s funniest role as Axel Foley who goes crazy in Beverly Hills. The action is also good as well as the jokes.

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Perfect 1 Points 1978
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Death Race 2000
Perfect 8 Points 1975

this movie is about a few drivers going around the country racing for the finish and killing off a bunch of pedestrians for points… this is pretty funny with the ovie set in the year 2000 during the 70’s. If the cameras weren’t a give-away the clothes sure were…but other than that the movie w…

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Die Hard
Perfect 1 Points 1988

Die Hard is about 12 terrorist who seizes a Japanese owned High Rise building on the eve of Christmas and takes hostage of everyone at the Christmas party. A police officer who was invited to the Christmas party by his wife, who’s also a hostage, manages to escape and has to figure out a way to t…

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The Dirty Dozen
Perfect 22 Points 1967

Best cast ever. Best men on a mission war movie ever.

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Terminator 2: J...
Perfect 11 Points 1991

This is, in my opinion, possibly the greatest sequel ever made. Its a sequel that completely blows the original right the hell away. Its one of my favorite movies of all time and one I could watch 10 times in one week and never get sick of it. Twice the action, twice the special effects, and ’bou…

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Where Eagles Dare
Perfect 13 Points 1968

Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood lead a group of Allied Soliders on a mission to infiltrate a Nazi Fortress in one of the greates war and greatest action films off all time. The last hour is solid action and puts basically anything recent to shame.

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Das Boot
Perfect 83 Points 1981

One of the all-time great submarine movies, so terrific it even had this Yiddish Yank rooting for the Nazi Navy.

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