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Die Hard
Perfect 1 Points 1988

Die Hard is about 12 terrorist who seizes a Japanese owned High Rise building on the eve of Christmas and takes hostage of everyone at the Christmas party. A police officer who was invited to the Christmas party by his wife, who’s also a hostage, manages to escape and has to figure out a way to t…

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Perfect 9 Points 1990

I’ve read many Stephen King novels and am a huge fan. I have not, however, read Misery. The movie makes me want to very much.

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Rear Window
Perfect 88 Points 1954

A lavish Hitchcock treat, full of glamour, suspense and wit. The establishing scene is a virtuoso display of filmmaking all by itself, while Grace Kelly graces – there is no other word for it – the silver screen like a goddess amongst mortals.

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The Silence Of ...
Perfect 44 Points 1991

Silence of the Lambs set the standard for the psychological crime thriller. As Hanibal, Anthony Hopkins does ‘evil’ like nobody else, and if that wasn’t enough, Jodie Foster and her law enforcement brood need to find and deal with Hanibal’s sick protege. This movie deserved all of the Oscars that…

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Pulp Fiction
Perfect 55 Points 1994

Quentin Tarantino at his best. Honestly, I think this should be voted one of the best movies of the 90’s. With a lineup of John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Bruce Willis, Samuel L Jackon, Rosanna Arquette, and most of the others – this film can do no wrong. Add its hallmark witty dialog and intricate …

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Perfect 1 Points 1994

Speed is about a bomb on a bus that’s set to explode if the bus falls below 50mph. This movie was very good in keeping the action and intensity going. You almost felt like you were on the bus as well.

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The Insider
Perfect 80 Points 1999

After long avoiding this movie, I was compelled to watch it by Massie’s simple declaration of its perfection. He’s right, this is a perfect movie, long yet packed with necessary detail, suspenseful even though the end is never in doubt, chock full of charismatic performances by three of our great…

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The Talented Mr...
Perfect 2 Points 1999

MY NUMBER THREE!!! First off, Matt Damon at his best. Long before the Bourne movies, Matt was already star. This movie is so complex, and so original. I find myself wondering what it would be like to have be in the situation that Tom Ripley was forced into. Matt Damon, Jude Law, Philip Seym…

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Perfect 3 Points 2003

This is the way that thrillers are supposed to be made. With an all star cast, Identity is one of the few thrillers that will have you guessing until the last 2 minutes of the movie. 10 strangers find themselves trapped in a motel in the middle of a storm and when they start getting murdered 1 by…

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Casino Royale
Perfect 75 Points 2006

Is there a better Bond movie? From the B&W opening’s clever incorporation of Bond shooting at the camera, to ‘Bond, James Bond’ not coming till the final line, Casino Royale visits the de rigueur touchstones in fresh, inventive ways. Daniel Craig barely cracks a smile, let alone a smirk yet…

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