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Beverly Hills Cop
Perfect 1 Points 1984

Beverly Hills Cop is about a Cop who goes to Beverly Hills to capture his friend’s Killer. This is one of Eddie Murphy’s funniest role as Axel Foley who goes crazy in Beverly Hills. The action is also good as well as the jokes.

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Edward Scissorh...
Perfect 77 Points 1990

Tim Burton’s magical mélange of Frankenstein, suburban farce and teen romance alchemized into a landmark movie. Sweet when you think it’s gonna be scary, sharp where it could have gone sappy, deliciously satiric all the way through, it’s a garden of cinematic delights.

Johnny Depp’s Edward i…

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WikChip Video Sharp, Sweet & Satiric = Satisfying C...
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Fast Times At R...
Perfect 1 Points 1982
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A Hard Day's Night
Perfect 68 Points 1964

Pop art perfection, A Hard Day’s Night captures the greatest band ever in their greatest movie. While they’d make other movies and more transcendent music, Richard Lester’s revolutionary film revealed the Beatles to be as smart as they were sexy. And they were super sexy. Mockumentary closeu…

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WikChip Image John plays with Patty Boyd and Pru Bury
Harold and Maude
Perfect 13 Points 1971

One of the most moving films ever, with two great central performances.

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Hot Shots
Perfect 1 Points 1991
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Hot Shots 2
Perfect 1 Points 1993
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Perfect 2 Points 1983

This classic comedy is about the Griswold family’s drive across the country to the Walley World theme park and all the unexpected things that happen along the way. Chevy Chase is as funny as he always is and this is a great family film to watch. It’s one of those films that can be watched over an…

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Smokey and the ...
Perfect 1 Points 1977
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Smokey and the ...
Perfect 1 Points 1980
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